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My dad recently recieved a paper that stated him and I were being sued for $10,000, please help.?

Hello, when I was 18 my dad forged my signature and put me as president of his company. I don’t remember the exact reasons. Well now a 5 years later a police officer dropped of a letter stating that me and my dad and the company were to be sued for ,000. He told the […]


what kind of lawyer sues the insurer of landlord for criminal conduct ,?

negligence, conversion of property, fraud, defamation, etc… i rented a room of my girlfriends mom, and all sorts of things happened. stolen truck, stolen trailer, blah blah blah so who goes after my compensation, legally? the kind of lawyer i need to talk with yes thanks for those, answers. i have called police and the […]


Legal advice needed please! Can I charge someone with fraud for bouncing a check on me?

A friend of mine asked me to help him with one of his business costs by using my credit card to pay online, and he gave me a check for the same amount (he said that his card had been cancelled). I know it was ridiculous of me to do such a thing but I […]


Bankruptcy question for a contractor I hired filing Chapter 7?

Hello, I hired a contractor who had good references with the BBB. but unfornately he ended up being crooked. According to the license commission in Maryland, the contractor collected a million dollars and did not complete any of the home improvement jobs. Of course, when I find out his company was in fiancial troubles, I […]


Financing Company Fraud?

My husband and I were in a recent car accident. The car was marked totaled by Geico, and they cut a check for 00 to be credited toward our lienholder’s account. Today, the lienholder said he got the check and that he will not put the money to our loan, and that he pocketed the […]


Can an attorney, who is determined to be a fraud (i.e. misrepresenting himself as a lawyer) be sued?

Can a civil suit be filed against against the "client" he illegally represented? Can he be sued with the law enforcement officials connected with that case, or can separate civil suits be filed.

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