Michigan Real Estate Questions?

I was divorced 2 years ago. In 2004 my ex re-morgaged the house to remove my name and pay me my interest. I signed a quit claim deed and other documents, received my check and left. The morgage broker was a friend of my ex’s, also an ex-cop. The house is now in forclosure and […]


Is there a status of limitation on Medi-cal Fraud?

A quit claim deed transferred real property from one party to an executrices so that the equity of the real property would not be used for the owner’s medical bills. The family was told that there was a will executed by the original owner of the property to be disseminate to the owner’s children in […]


i need a lawyer in realestate in regards to fraud.?

I have a friend who is in prison who is a mexican national. His wife died a few year back. Nine days before she died her daughter who is my friends stepdaughter. she had her mother quit-claim the property in the Buckeye area. Now, he did not sign no quit-claim deed over to her. Does […]

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