The borrower's Deed in Lieu request and the lender's Notice of Foreclosure crossed in the mail – what happens?

The borrower sent an application package for Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure at the same time that the lender filed a suit for foreclosure. Both were done before the other was received by either. Does the liklihood of the lender considering or accepting the DIL change now that a foreclosure suit has been filed with […]


How come yahoo sponsors fraud over the internet? Crooks from London are emailing these “news” to thousands:

Yahoo’s legal should ask for help from Interpol. Dear: Tomas Kenedi, Congratulations from all the staff here in the British lottery department,you have been granted clarification as a winner of the BRITISH LOTTERY. For the avoidance of doubt,: Your e-mail address was attached to ticket number: 56475600545 188 with Serial number 5388/02 drew the lucky […]


is it considered fraud if I live in mass and my child lives in hew hampshire and I have him on my blue cross ?

I just need some clarification someone told me that it was fraud and I dissagree want to know thanks for any help

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