Why do the liars in the liberal media say Fox Sponsored Tea Parties, when they only covered them?

Rick Sentelli from CNBC started all of this, on the floor of the NY stock exchange and I watched it. Nearly all traders in the exchange, like Sentelli are democrats. The liberal media ignored it, and Fox covered it. Covering News isn’t sponsorship, it’s doing the job they are supposed to do. Source(s): Glen Beck […]


FDR's Social Security is now a bankrupt Ponzi Scheme – is this proof that LIBERALS don't understand finance?

Social Security is a classic Ponzi Scheme, and actually constitutes criminal security fraud in all 50 states – why would Obamacare be any different ? Why does anyone let these people near our treasury ? http://www.cnbc.com/id/34941334


Did anyone see Jon Stewart hammer Jim Kramer on The Daily Show?

What were your thoughts? Personally, I loved it. I would like to send this sort of message all the way up to the top of these major corporations, such as what CNBC is a part of. I respect Jon Stewart for being the voice for all of us who are the working middle class and […]

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