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how can we convince our father that his wife is a fraud…?

my father got married to a brazilian immigrant about 4 years ago. she steals money from him and sends it back to her country. a week after they got married the house they lived in burned down…not a coincidence since she now she legally owned have of the insurance money. she gives him a hard […]


What’s the deal with this phishing expedition?

I only recently opened an account with Bank of America, and ever since I’ve been getting a phishing letter once every couple of days. It actually started happening right after I cashed a bit of money and that surprised me a little, I even thought for a few minutes that it was a real thing. […]


Is there voter fraud in this election?

Does a private company own these machines and regulate the votes? This would make them a corporation, which Ron Paul opposes. He wants to get rid of corporate ownership of everything in America. This company would not want Ron Paul elected. He has so much support in his campaign and online, but when it […]


Conspiracy theorists, can you form a good theory on this one.?

In 2001ish, the FHA controlled about a 30% market share in the mortgage business. Then the sub prime lenders came and knocked the FHA down to about a 5% market share. In 2006ish the FHA went to congress and asked to change their charter, so they could compete. Quickly, they were turned down. In succession, […]


Is it mere coincidence that so many global warming fraudsters have been walking back their claims recently?

Hardly a week goes by where some previously "irrefutable" man made global warming "science" isn’t walked back by it’s "esteemed" producers. Like a few days ago, when another group announced that oops, they found a few math errors, and withdrew the conclusions. I don’t think it’s a coincidence, I think it’s CYA maneuvering to fend […]


was the tragedy of 911 a government fraud?

im writing an english paper on what i believe. ive heard little about this topic, but it conveys alot on coincidence… if you do think this was a scam..why?


Did you catch this info which came out during Obama’s inauguration? The largest breach of credit cards ever!?

They had posted this information 12:01 pm on Jan 20, 2009. Coincidence? As the article goes: "While Heartland has not yet disclosed the exact number of compromised accounts, experts estimate that the number could well exceed 100 million, making the incident the largest security breach in history. "Most of these companies don't even know […]

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