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I have a ex-friend that is committing child support fraud.?

My ex-friend is collecting child support for her son (her only son) every week or whenever the biological father puts money towards the support. I would like to know how I can go about having this checked out and taken care of? She is taking advantage of the state since she hasn’t had custody of […]


Child Support fraud?!?!?

My step-sons have been living he with me and my husband for the past 1 1/2 years and the kids mother is still collecting child support, is this against the law? She would only let them move up here if she was still able to receive child support. should we bring this up to the […]


Mother committing welfare/child support fraud; can father get custody?

The mother was living in Texas with her two children. She sent her son to live with her ex-husband in April and has still been collecting child support since then. She is also still claiming benefits on BOTH of her children. She now lives in Washington, receives child support & state benefits (from Texas) for […]


child support question?

My bf has a kid with his ex gf. We also have a 5 month old. Right now he is working and I am going to college. His ex is collecting child support (she spends it on ridiculous crap and barely spends any of it on the kid. He has already reported her for fraud). […]


I need to know NC child support laws?

I need someone to please tell me about the NC child support laws and rights for father’s that pay child support. DO NOT tell me to google it, I already have. I need help breaking them down so I can understand. I also would like to know when a woman is collecting child support, and […]


Help Is this child support fraud/neglect?

Ok, I have a boyfriend who I was living with for about four months. His mother did not buy him any food,clothes, or even a simple haircut. She got atleast 0-1000.00 in child support for two childern. None of the money from my boyfriends and his sisters child support went to them. 90% of the […]


California Child Support Fraud?

We live in Southern California. My husband has just been ordered to pay child support. His paycheck will be docked the amount owed. His ex (who lives in Maine) was ordered by family court on the terms of her custody that she can't split the kids up and they have to remain living with her. […]


is it fraud if a x collects child support and the kid is no longer living at home?

In NY state we pay child support till 21. But if the child is no longer living w/the custodial parent, does anyone out there know if we can get the x on fraud charges. Collecting child support w/out having child living there? Want to ask before we get heavily indebt again w/ a lawyer

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