Do u follow precautions against on-line scams and “botnets”… Have u ever been victimized…?

Criminals who seize control of tens of thousands of home and office computers through what are known as "botnets" are a dramatically growing threat, Shawn Henry, deputy assistant director of the FBI’s Cyber Division, tells Newsmax. A botnet — short for robot network — allows a criminal to seize control of any number of computers […]


How have information systems help curb identity theft and how can this be improved in the future?

I am trying to get examples of how identity theft can be halted or weakened by the use of some type of computer system or software.


Is providing “fraudulent” insurance cards a crime? If so in what tribunal?

Ex was ordered to provide health insurance for children…does so sporadically. Most recent policy sent via email (February) was a copy of cards front and back. This policy began Jan.1, 2008. According to BCBS in recent phone conversation (July) this policy was "set up" in computer system but never activated and terminated on the same […]

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