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is this child support fraud?

I’m just gonna get straight to the point and keep it as short as possible. In a nutshell, a woman has full custody of her children and is supposed to be getting child support from the non-existant father (which she never gets). When she filed her taxes, they took money out of her taxes for […]


How does one clear up identity theft w/o a police report?

Three or four years back my new bank checks were stolen in route to my house and they were used by someone pretending to be me (and bouncing checks all over the state). I swore I got a police report when this occurred but upon recently checking up on the issue, I’ve found that perhaps […]


Proposal for a child support law?

In any case where a woman alleges that a man is the biological father of her child, no money changes hands until paternity can be proven. In the event that she is wrong, she pays for the test. In the event that he is the father, he pays for test. Even if he does not […]


How can I avoid paying child support and get my name removed from the birth certificate?

I signed a declaration of paternity for a child in 2002 in the state of california. Once the baby was 2 months I found out I was not the biological father. I recently (11/12/09)received a letter from child support services asking for income verification because I think the mother is receiving county aid. Can I […]


Why pay child support arrears. Child is 18, He was never served, no DNA, child lived with him 3 years.?

Here is the story. My husband had a girld with a high school sweet heart. She was dating him and Guy "B". She got pregnant, told my husband it was his. Whe child was 2, my husband married her. She was still sleeping with Guy "B". my husband moved out of state, but he sent […]

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