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Who else thinks its cute that rich republicans, who inherited their wealth, are calling Soc.Security a fraud?

Tea-Partyists and Far-righters, are now referring to the Social Security system, to which I’ve paid into, as have most other Middle Class members,or 50 years, a "Ponzi Scheme". Isn’t it clear yet, that wealthy Far-right Conservatives have NO respect for the Middle Class? The only thing they are conserving, is their family’s inheritance!


Do hard working U.S. Americans enjoying being ripped off by fraudsters and other crooks?

For example why would any sane person enjoy being ripped off on investments people put into derivatives sold, traded and by wall street brokers? My point is having regulations on derivaties to prevent and stop fraud is opposed by conservatives including both the republican and libertarian politicians – why is that? Could it be […]


Does anyone remember that Wall Street bankrupted Wisconsin's pensions?

It’s not that the public union members get large pensions, it’s that the state invested their pensions in securitized mortgages on Wall Street. Then, the big banks and financiers engaged in criminal fraud and incompetence, and all that money evaporated. Now Conservatives, who are trying to prevent the regulation and prosecution of crime on Wall […]


How come "conservatives" never demand criminal investigations into the Bush/Cheney economic collapse?

Monday- "The economy is fine" – GB Tuesday- "YOU GOTTA GIVE ME 0B TO SAVE THE BANKS RIGHT NOW OR OUR ECONOMY WILL COLLAPSE!! THERE’S NO TIME TO THINK, JUST GIVE ME THE MONEY PER THIS 3 PAGE CONTRACT!" – GB Trying to panic people into sudden reactions with no time to think is HIGH […]


Do you Republicans believe in their supply side fairy tales based on FAITH alone?

I always hear conservatives claiming that if you cut taxes (mostly for the rich), cut programs for the poor (job training, student grants, etc), and deregulate, the economy will grow fastest. On the other hand, they say that if you shift taxes to the wealthy, create ladders to help people work their way up, and […]


Do conservatives business ideas of no regulations against derivatives fraud, outsourcing jobs, etc -make sense?

Including tax breaks and corporate welfare for companies that lay workers off to outsource jobs for more extreme profits from outsourced jobs and corporate welfare, besides not caring if workers live or die from not having healthcare, as conservatives have after all – thrown fits about workers having healthcare so they don’t die? After all […]


Is Capitalism ruining the World???

Global Warming Corporate Fraud Shrinkage of the Middle class Increasing poverty Decline of religion Celebration of people like Donald Trump & Paris Hilton Government Fraud (Lobbyists) 3rd world anger/envy Obesity spread (thru MacDonalds International) Oil prices Shanti I’m hoping for responses from capitalists, economists and conservatives. I already know what the Liberals think.


Is Obama is engaging in irresponsible spending Obama pledges US immigration Dream Act reform on the QT?

Why Is Obama supporting the dream act &will Obama expand the dream act to the entire world document fraud can do wonders these days ? Look at Obama-Acorn -voter fraud-Obama and his policies have endangered the U.S. Obama is responsible for the recession, stock market decline Obama will raise your taxes and cap your paycheck […]

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