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can you sue a builder / developer for fraud and misrepresentation?

I was just trying to get some opinions on this matter yesterday, The reality of my situation is I hired an attorney in 2009 and we have been gathering information for my case. I have found out that the permits that were required by the state or local government were never obtained, no department of […]


Can someone please answer some Business Law & Ethics questions below part 2?

8. Which business practice would be a violation of the Clayton Act of 1914? A. Companies A and B independently reduce prices to increase sales revenues and gain market share. B. Companies A and B develop new marketing plans to gain more market share. C. Companies A and B engage in exclusive talks to control […]


Are legal fees related to a divorce the biggest consumer rip-off in the USA?

It seems as if NY, and other states, have determined that the desire to leave a bad marriage should be likened to a crime worthy of legal process that requires more legal time and fees –and in many cases punishment– than murder. Consumers have no recourse at all. NY’s attorney general refuses to investigate the […]


An example of a white collar crime?

I’m not so up to date with the news so can someone help me find a news story on a white collar crime, here’s what it means: Catch-all phrase for a variety of frauds, schemes, and commercial offenses by businesspersons, confidence men, and public officials. It includes a broad range of nonviolent offenses that have […]


rental complaint filed for consumer fraud?

Does anyone know how long it takes for a complaint to go to court. I filed a consumer fraud complaint against a realtor and a gentleman who was in on the scam against me. The gentleman was served the complaint by the sheriff but they can’t seem to get a hold of the realtor. Her […]


What type of lawyer for condo fraud and negligence??

I have been researching the issues and there are so many I'm not sure what type of lawyer I need. I have decided to get a legal consultation. Misrepresentation of property, violations of MA statutes, laws and condo docs. Consumer fraud. Is this personal injury?

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