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Child Support fraud?!?!?

My step-sons have been living he with me and my husband for the past 1 1/2 years and the kids mother is still collecting child support, is this against the law? She would only let them move up here if she was still able to receive child support. should we bring this up to the […]


My Ex has hired a psychologist to represent him in court…?

Can anyone give me some good advice to take with me into court over this. My Ex who owes my children (ages 10 and 6) approximately ,000 (,600.00 for year 2006 and approximately ,000.00 for 2007) has hired not an attorney but a psychologist!!! A psychologist can not practice law … can they? This guy […]


Does anyone know the key point of this article?

Of Riches by Francis Bacon I cannot call riches better than the baggage of virtue. The Roman word is better, impedimenta. For as the baggage is to an army, so is riches to virtue. It cannot be spared, nor left behind, but it hindereth the march; yea, and the care of it, sometimes loseth or […]


Why do South Africans believe they live in a democracy?

Their government (including the president) is comprised of many Soviet trained thugs. The ANC government came to power with the blood of men, women and children on its hands. Apartheid has been reinstituted – this time called BEE – and now favors blacks. South African politicians (as far up as the deputy president) are constantly […]


My child is afraid of her father, my Ex (ridiculously long but please help)?

I have made repeated reports to our county’s Child Protective Services and when my child was very young, to the Police. When she was 4 or so she would innocently tell me things her father did to her, until we took her to the police she closed her mouth. Since then, there have been many […]


Is this contempt, Fraud or both?

My ex wife and I are tryng to get divorced, long story short there was a family law standing pretrial order saying a bunch of stuff about not being able to get rid of stuff, add debts…etc. However, she went and moved down to south florida with her parents where she lied and said she […]

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