Did Mitt Romney say that corporations are people because he gets a lot of money from them through lobbying?

Last quarter, Republican front-runner Mitt Romney raised 18 million dollars for his campaign. Romney took in more than half a million dollars from registered lobbyists. One of Mitt Romney’s biggest fundraisers has been lobbying for a foreclosure firm while foreclosure fraud is still going on at an alarming rate. Some are suggesting that Goldman Sachs […]


What do you think of a man who keeps a child away from it's mother?

Just because his wife can’t conceive, so he decides to keep a child born as a result of an affair away from its mother. No visitation, photos, contact, etc. And threatens to sue the mother for his legal fees if she tries to assert her rights? And stalks and harrasses her online (via email, her […]


Has anyone filed a lawsuit against Answers Corporation for fraud or censorship.?

I have been blatantly censored and my account has been used fraudulently by the Answers corporation. I am looking for a lawyer or existing suit against them. Answers Corp not Yahoo answers… After they (management) replace my answer with that of and apparent 12 year old, they keep me as the last edit, I believe […]

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