Is this an accurate summary of the war on terror?

Foresight of terror attack is ignored. Ex-Halliburton CEO makes alarming revelation: Saddam was behind 9/11. Texas oilman invades oil-rich country to… oh… it’s anybody’s guess. U.S. corporation Halliburton accepts cost-plus, no-bid contract to feed and house troops. Texas oil man uses fear to push agendas for four years while Iraq burns. Thousands die. Army outsources […]


Worker’s Comp Fraud??

I have an acquaintance that was injured on her job in the Spring of 2007. She did have some surgery and physical therapy and has been collecting worker’s comp for her injury for well over a year. That job was physically demanding, and quite honestly, she was not physically fit to be doing that job, […]


I may be a possible victim of identity theft, what steps should I take now?

Today, corporate headquarters at my job called me in to a meeting to tell me I may be a possible victim of identity theft. They said they ran their monthly background check and found out that someone has three different addresses under my social security number. I ran a credit check and everything is in […]

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