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Do you think this is insurance fraud, or even legal???

I carry medical, dental, vision, all coverage 100% insurance for my daughter, who is 11 years old. She lives with her mom and step dad who is very controlling and they keep everything about her from me. For the past 2 years the step dad has carried medical, dental vison on her without my knwledge. […]


social security fraud by s.s.a.?

I have found that someone in s.s.a.,changed a favorable judges decree to dismissed,purged medicals and correspondence,lied to my congressman/senator.I have been unable to get the Inspector general to investigate,even though I sent them copies of the evidence(my Files).Lawyers I have hired helped to cost me my disability from the very beginning. WHO can I contact […]


Does a Fraudulent marriage also mean Insurance Fraud was committed?

My "con artist" ex-wife, deceived me from the very first day we started corresponding as to her intentions (I wanted a wife……..while she wanted to swindle me). Since she already knew BEFORE she even inititated ANY correspondence with me that she was not legally entitled to come to the U.S.A. under any kind of Visa, […]


Online company threatened me with fraud and theft. ?

Back on July 1st I ordered a scooter form a web site. The website stated the shipping time would be short but went it over thirteen days without telling me the delay. I then sent an email asking them the status of the order. I was then informed that it wasn’t in stock and was […]


please answer my question about the constitutional convention? Homepage Register Online About Us Search Site Seminars & Institutes Historical Documents Library Audio Lectures & Discussions Constitutional Convention Home > Constitutional Convention > Introduction to the Constitutional Convention by Gordon Lloyd Introduction to the Constitutional Convention by Gordon Lloyd See Also: Convention: Introduction to this Site | Introduction to the Convention | Four […]

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