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Can someone overseas sue me for supposed fraud????

Here’s the deal and the whole reason I already closed both my paypal and ebay accounts and changed banks. A couple months ago I sold a product on ebay, the buyer in Italy paid for it and I shipped it no problems. He then wanted to buy more outside of ebay, so he sent the […]


What are my chances of getting custody of my son?

I have a binder full of evidence on my wife as far as drug abuse, child abuse/ neglect, adultery, fraud, etc. I have court for custody in the next couple weeks & already have an attorney but my wife wont be there. What are my chances of winning custody with her not showing.


Please advise me re: how to handle credit fraud…?

So a while ago I started getting weird things in the mail. Prostate pills… diet pills…other dietary supplements…’Work From Home!’ business CDs…etc. All manner of garbage. So when I began receiving these weird things in the mail, I went to my bank and looked at my last couple weeks worth of charges. I quickly realized […]


Medical Biling Fraud?

I recently attended a consultation with my two sisters and mother with my Mom’s oncology team: seems there is a gene that she carries that could be hereditary, which would elevate our risk of cancer. Anyway, Four of us were present for this "consult"… no clinical work of any kind. A couple weeks later I […]


Do I have the right to sue over breach of a verbal agreement (Friend/Money)?

Ok, this is a situation that is really bothering me. A few months back, a friend came to me for financial help. I’ll try to spare the details, as it’s a long story, and a painful one. Anyway, she came to me, explained that she had received a phone call from Capital One over some […]


How do you anonomously report someone filing bankruptcy for fraud?

I know, it sounds vengeful. That’s because it is. However, I have reasons. My ex-wife is filing bankruptcy with her new husband (that she left me for – her fourth husband, I might add) She has hit me pretty hard for child support. Within the last couple weeks, she received over 00 in child support, […]

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