Child support and custody question?

So my finace has 2 kids he’s ordered to pay child support for. I support that he pays this since its supposed to be for taking care of the children. The mom hasn’t had her kids in about 9 months. She just had another baby with her new husband, she has her new baby, but […]


Possible Fraud with Power of Attorney, Please Help?

My dad married this woman four years ago or so. He got a Power of Attorney. He said they got one because she could use his money in emergency situations. Instead, this woman went behind his back got herself her own apartment and opened credit cards up in his name and had those bills sent […]


is this Fraud?

I have a question. There is this girl "Susie" who asked "Joe" to claim her son on his taxes ("Susie doesn’t have a job or a green card). The agreement was that when "Joe" received his tax return that he would give "Susie" some money so she could pay off court fees and other needs […]

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