court tomorrow mother help?

i have court tomorrow for taking 465 dollars out of fathers account in md. basically im being charged with forgery public document up to 10 yrs for this charge and two theft under 500 one charge for 450 and one for 15 dollars which are misdemeanors. basically i was working for the bank and i […]


Falsely accused of Identity Fraud!?

My ex did some very bad things (he was a police officer) and got sentenced to prison. At the time we were on good terms, his house was in my name, along with other items. His parents pressured me to sign the house over to them, and right after I did they started accusing me […]


Unemployment insurance fraud?

My fiance is being charged with felony unemployment insurance fraud. Does anybody know what he could face as a result of this? He just got the thing for the warrant in the mail yesterday and he’s going to go to court tomorrow but what is going to happen? Apparently he missed a court date for […]

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