How do you let someone understand that Christian Faith Healers are usually a big fraud?

I am not religious, and neither are most of the youngsters in our family. My great aunt is very religious and recently been diagnosed with cancer. She wants to travel to Houston to see a faith healer. Now, she does not have a lot of money and "prayed" that God will provide her enough money […]


Revised question on friend in jail.?

My bf called collect somehow on my cellphone @ 2am Monday.He said he was in jail. When I got to work & talk to a few friends they pulled up the information & said he had a few things on his record such as oweing child support & 2 bench warrants & fraud check. A […]


i was contacted by jaisen inc william shepard lexington ave nyc inheritance- how find fraud history 8509446536

there must be a legal history website, where i can find complaints and put in mine. he is blatantly trying to steal money from old sick cousins and sister. God promised me this $ for a ministry of helps, a thrift shop in east milton, fla. does anyone know any pro bono lawyers or roland […]

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