Who can we contact that will actually listen and respond re: tax fraud and using personal info by husband's ex

Husband’s ex does not claim all income, has several accounts(money laundering), has used his father’s farm tax excempt number for purchases, and now her home address has popped up on his credit report, it also states that the address is associated with a business. He has never had anything to do with this address. She […]


Can I get in trouble for my company's possible tax fraud?

Here’s the deal. I got hired as a tax preparer for a CPA. I’ve never done people’s taxes and they’re just showing me the basics. Sometimes, they hand me a return that is pretty much finished except one or two things that I add. In the end, I need to initial as tax preparer. If […]


Fraud Lawyer question?

I am interested in this career path and was wondering if I became an CPA and got certified in Fraud detection for a while, if I could get a law degree later on and be a lawyer in this field? Any other sugggestions on the best way to do this?

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