She abandoned the marrage after 19 1/2 years..what to do?

I don’t know what to do. My wife ran off / disappeared after 19 1/2 years of marrage, home burns down 7 days later and I find she stole 40,000 dollars of my deceased fathers re-instated credit cards! I am divorcing her (due to the fact that I want to separate ME from the fraud […]


Can the assets of the entire Bush family be audited for potential theft of tax dollars?

…and wrong doing- or fraud -connected to the Saudi’s in oil schemes that cost the average American citizen their tax dollars -or their livelihood… …why are you pathetic craig?Think deeper-or pay dearly…damn ur naive…or dumb.Probably both…


How do you or can you file a complaint against a business?

For their failure to follow through on the payment of wages? Nothing was agreed to in writing but verbally and work was performed. The company is The guy, J. W. Pugh real name Darrell Pugh uses virtual meeting locations, Craig’s list etc to do his recruitment. He has scams running in Florida (St.Petersburg, Miami, […]

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