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Can someone please recommend a good credit monitoring service?

I need to get a credit monitoring service for the next 6 months or so. Can someone recommend a good, but yet affordable credit monitoring service for all 3 credit bureaus? Thank you for any info.


How long does it take a credit monitoring service to discover a new account has been opened?

I pay for a credit monitoring service every month. March 1st I opened a new account, and expected the service to notify me of the change, since they have no proof I was the one who opened the account. Typically how long does it take a credit monitoring service to discover changes made on an […]


Identity Theft, Fraudulent accounts, theft, social security misuse.?

Unfortunately I have been another victim of identity theft. Because of that I placed a "fraud alert" on my credit report, contacted the local police, and contacted all three credit bureaus. Now the problem is that the fradulent accounts removed keeps coming back to my credit report everytime I have them remove it and the […]


Social security question, not fraud just a mix up?

My brother and I have basically the same social security number. there off by just one number. Anyway he mistakenly used my social security number and now one of the credit bureaus thinks it’s his. How do I fix this? Can I do it online? How do I find out which bureau I need to […]


How do I prosecute my ex husband for identity theft?

I was in a 2 year residential program with no outside contact or computers and left everything behind with him because he was abusive and upon graduating found out 2 credit cards were issued in my name and maxed out. He was the only one who had my info. I alerted the credit bureaus but […]


A victim of fraud by family member.?

I just found out while I was living in Dallas,TX a family member put a cable bill in my name. To make matters worse I’m overseas right now, and I’m planning on moving back to Dallas and it’s going to be hard to get an apartment. I already called all 3 credit bureau, and dispute […]


Who can I call to help me with an identity theft problem?

In particular I need an outfit that will help me with getting negative items removed from my credit report for goods and services I never purchased. The credit bureaus are really giving me a hard time with this in spite of the fact I am the victim. I have plans including buying a new home […]


What kind of legal action can I take against a company for ignoring my identity theft disputes.?

I’ve been contacted by the third collection agency in the last 18 months involving the same satellite company account in which I did not open. I have done everything asked of me up to this point, up to and including police reports, written disputes, proof of residency requests, and notification to credit bureaus.


Under current laws, exactly WHO is responsible for Internet identity theft?

I need to know exactly who is responsible for Internet identity theft. Is it the consumers, the credit card companies and credit bureaus, or the government for poor privacy laws and light punishments for identity thieves? I’m a little confused on this subject. I really need to know. Also, if you can, provide me with […]


do i need to freeze my credit status?

I was recently the target of an online 'phishing' scam. This breach included my name, address, age and occupation but not my social security number. I am low-income, never had a credit card and not likely to apply for one soon. Is it a good idea to ask the credit bureaus to freeze my credit […]


What credit card should I go for citi bank or bank of america?

I have a credit score of 700 and wanting another credit card. I was thinking about citi bank or bank of america. What one should I get? I only have one other credit card from Wumu. I want a credit card that report to the 3 credit bureaus every month. Anyone has either one of […]


Credit card fraud from Vietnam?

A charge on my credit card was made from an IP address in Vietnam. It was a charge for an internet service and the service has provided me with the IP and an email address. Fortunately, this was a charge made with a credit card from an outdated address and I think updating my address […]

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