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I’ve been here before but here is the deal… My aunt Donna provided me her credit card number over a text message to buy some new DJ equipment which was like 00 maybe? With that amount she said I could pay a month.. Well I used her credit card which there was a total of […]


How Does Identity Theft Work?

Hey whats up, just wondering how identity theft works? I was dumb enough to subscribe to some porn site like two years ago when I was seventeen and well I am a bit paranoid. They treated me like a professional business and there has not been any red flags but I am very security conscious. […]


should i be concerned with identity theft ordering online with virus?

i ordered something off of amazon and after that i ran a scan using malware bites and something hijacker.display properties came up..shoud i be worried about someone taking my credit card number?


Kinda fell for a Craigslist scam?

I responded to a job posting searching for males and females for "stock lifestyle photo (san diego)" I got an email back asking for information. I sent my name, cellphone number, home number, and address. Just those. I wasn’t asked for my social security or credit card number and I wouldn’t have sent those obviously. […]


Do you think it's necessary to have identity theft protection on your credit cards?

Is it worth the .95 per month charge? A friend had her credit card number stolen once and they removed all the non-authorized charges…so is it really necessary to pay for theft protection? Do you have it?


Insurance Fraud Caused By Divorced Husband?

My kids are covered by my ex-husbands insurance. Recently I took them to the doctor. His insurance pays 0 upfront but they mailed the check to him. He cashed the check and wrote a personal check to the doctor which then bounced. The doctor’s office tried to contact him for a credit card number but […]


Identity Theft?

I had a problem with an order that I placed online, so I called the Victoria’s Secret Company to change the credit card number, and I gave them the credit card number over the phone. Am I at a high risk of identity theft?


Which online dating screening sites are scams?,…the notion of screening for priors on online dating seems sensible. But these all require a credit card number. Shouts out "scam" to me… Know of any good online screening sites that AREN’T scams?


Credit card fraud from Vietnam?

A charge on my credit card was made from an IP address in Vietnam. It was a charge for an internet service and the service has provided me with the IP and an email address. Fortunately, this was a charge made with a credit card from an outdated address and I think updating my address […]

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