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What kind of identity theft can an 18 year old go through if his SSN is stolen?

How much credit cards debt can someone with no credit history take? To rephrase. How many credit cards can be made with someone with no credit history?


What kind of identity theft can a person with no credit history go through?

I have no credit history, but I think my SSN was stolen. What can people do with it?


Am I a victim of identity theft?

I am attempting to get a credit report from Experian but they are asking questions that definitely are not related to me or my credit history, such as "You took out a home loan in 2004, who was the credit agency that supplied it?" Answering these questions incorrectly causes denial of my credit report therefore […]


Green Card through Marriage Fraud?

I know someone personally who has been in the US for around 9 years now and got married to an American for her green card.She’s waiting for her citizenship now, which she told me will get next year. The American man doesn’t even live with her, but she calls him to visit her whenever she […]


Will a "Fraud Alert" prevent my auto insurance to be renewed?

Hi, I want to put a "fraud alert" on my credit to prevent possible identity theft. I am wondering if my insurance company can still check my credit history after I put that alert. I am concerned that they cannot check the history and they don’t renew my policy or maybe increase my premium. I […]


Is it immigration/petition fraud? ?

I know someone who was married and had 3 kids abroad where she was born and she immigrated to the U.S. after years of having a work visa as an R.N. She met someone new in the States and had 2 kids with her new lover. She petitioned her husband and kids in 1989, and […]


To whom do I report that someone else (that I know) pulled my credit report?

My ex-wife gave someone else enough information to pull my credit report, on her behalf, through the service FCR sent me a notice in the mail, which is how I found out about it. I already have gone into my account to change passwords, etc… and shut down access. The issue is this. She […]


Why is identity theft happening more and more than ever?

taking a person's credit information, photos, etc. on the news today, there was a discussion about hackers, and no one's information is truly safe. i've been hearing about identity theft happening to teenagers, and not only teens but adults. the worse kind of identity theft is using one's credit history, credit cards, name, address, etc. […]


What credit card is best for a first credit card, and you have limited history?

I just turned eighteen at the end of February, so I have limited credit history. I was wondering what credit card is used for building credit, and would be the best choice for a person getting they're first credit card.

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