Are credit reports, credit scores and credit monitoring services a tax deductible expense?

I am interested to know if the IRS will allow us to deduct our expeneses in these areas. If so, then I believe that more people would be interested in checking their credit reports and scores for accuracy or even monitor them. Of course is free, but monitoring services and credit scores cost money, […]


What to do about phone calls from a company who has stolen credit card information?

I had my credit card stolen a few months back, and now some company calls me, up to 5 times a day, wanting to update my credit information. They were given my information, but I did not order from them, it was whoever stole my credit card. I explain this and I will either be […]


Why is identity theft happening more and more than ever?

taking a person's credit information, photos, etc. on the news today, there was a discussion about hackers, and no one's information is truly safe. i've been hearing about identity theft happening to teenagers, and not only teens but adults. the worse kind of identity theft is using one's credit history, credit cards, name, address, etc. […]

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