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Are We Heading for another recession?

U.S. Downgrade Slams Stocks Worldwide- Breakout Stocks are getting slammed, reportedly in response to Standard & Poor’s downgrade of the U.S. credit rating from AAA to AA+. But S&P’s downgrade isn’t the only culprit. Welcome to the new world disorder- The Daily Ticker U.S. debt remains ‘gold standard’- WSJ AIG sues BofA for billion alleging […]


Who monitors the credit of credit monitoring companies?

We have all heard about standard and poor downgrading greece’s credit rating to junk.I wonder who monitors the financial state of standard and poor and other similar companies?


How do I raise credit score after bank fraud and identity theft?

After check fraud discovered, closed that acct, opened another at same bank, but not all auto payments were transferred to the new account resulting in what ended up being late payments when I discovered bills not being paid. As a result, my credit score tanked. What can I do to repair my good credit rating?


What happens to credit score if you close a store credit card?

I have a few store credit cards (Macy's, Banana Republic, etc) in addition to a major credit card. I want to cancel some of the store credit card, but I don't know how that effects my credit rating. I think closing credit cards in general lowers credit scores, but what about those store cards?

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