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What is the best credit monitoring service to use?

I would like to know what is the best credit monitoring service to use. I want to be able to see my credit scores from all three credit reporting agencies, get alerts when credit is ran, all three credit reports, and be able to protect my credit with a password. Any idea what the best […]


Can there be two people with the same name, social security number and birthdate?

I just found out that there is someone else with my name who uses my social security number and has my birthdate, several states away from me. It seems to me that it is identity fraud, but my credit report checks out fine from all three credit reporting agencies. Is it possible that there could […]


victim of credit report fraud?

I need some help. I’m 22 years old. Three years ago Experian put over 0,000 in debt, that did not belong to me, onto my credit report, the debt belonged to somebody with a similar name who lived in the same town as me. Needless to say my credit limit on my credit card got […]


Can your paycheck be garnished for a nine year old credit card bill that is identity theft?

I got a notice this was going to be done. I thought this was illegal, that your pay could only be garnished for child support, taxes, alimony and student loans. I’m a victim of identity theft and a police report and a report with the Federal Trade Commission has been filed with all 3 credit […]

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