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Are credit reports, credit scores and credit monitoring services a tax deductible expense?

I am interested to know if the IRS will allow us to deduct our expeneses in these areas. If so, then I believe that more people would be interested in checking their credit reports and scores for accuracy or even monitor them. Of course is free, but monitoring services and credit scores cost money, […]


What is the best credit monitoring service to use?

I would like to know what is the best credit monitoring service to use. I want to be able to see my credit scores from all three credit reporting agencies, get alerts when credit is ran, all three credit reports, and be able to protect my credit with a password. Any idea what the best […]


If mortgage brokers lied in contracts to get people into houses they could never afford?

Why isn’t the govt. prosecuting or fining these individuals? Obviously a mortgage application is a contract and forging or fudging people’s income, credit scores, or assets must be some sort of crime? Why not go after the people that actually got commissions off of this fraud?


What happens to credit score if you close a store credit card?

I have a few store credit cards (Macy's, Banana Republic, etc) in addition to a major credit card. I want to cancel some of the store credit card, but I don't know how that effects my credit rating. I think closing credit cards in general lowers credit scores, but what about those store cards?


My credit card balance is over 50%. How long will it take my credit score to go back up?

Hi. I recently just got my first credit card ever and used it to make a 00 purchase. The credit limit is 00, so obviously I'm over 50% of the balance, and I just learned that's bad for credit scores. I expect to be able to pay off the purchase in the next two or […]

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