What happens after you report someone for insurance fraud?

Someone I know completed an owner give up then decided to steal some money from me, so I sent in a report for insurance fraud, so what happens next? The report was sent to the insurance company, the car finance company, state insurance regulators, the NICB org & state arson agency because the car was […]


Is fraud and trickery considered theft?

Suppose you are a married woman. You don’t like your husband at all. So, you have an affair with a man who looks very much like your husband but has no money. You get pregnant by mistake, when you have the affair. So, you file for divorce and get your ex-husband to pay child-support amounting […]


defining fraud, intrinsic or extrinsic?

Wanting commentary on fraud, please, and how it relates to custody agreements. I understand that fraud is one issue that can invalidate any agreement. I also know that most fraud has statute of limitations. Assume that a criminal act DID happen (kidnapping), and because of intimidation or other abusive pressures, the facts were withheld from […]

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