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What's the Difference between Al Gore and Bernard Madoff?

They both show phony documentation to get money. The phony documentation shows it’s a scam for money. The main difference so far is that Bernard has been caught and it’s only a matter of time before Al gets caught. QUESTION ::::: Do you see any differences between the two men ? ======================================… Bernard Lawrence […]


Why do they do these things? What can a 70-year old man do with 50 billion dollars anyway?

… he could never spend it all. And five or even 10 billion would be a comfortable amount to leave to his heirs. Is it that the money doesn’t matter as much as being able to get away with it? Is it that they think money will buy them women, jewels, mansions, yachts,etc.? Or do […]


What are your thoughts on this?

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Bernard Madoff, a quiet force on Wall Street for decades, was arrested and charged on Thursday with allegedly running a billion "Ponzi scheme" in what may rank among the biggest fraud cases ever. The former chairman of the Nasdaq Stock Market is best known as the founder of Bernard L. Madoff […]


Will illegals use the defense did not know the documents were fake or stolen 12 arrested document fraud?

PANAMA CITY, Fla. – Twelve illegal aliens were arrested here today by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) special agents and Bay County Sheriff’s deputies following a joint investigation into document fraud. The announcement was made by Thomas F. Kirwin, the United States attorney for the Northern District of Florida, Susan McCormick, ICE special agent […]


How can I report international scams related to business loans offered & scammed of funds by various lenders?

My company wants to know where can we report international fraud committed as a form of Business Loans offered by unscroupolous and Ilegal Lenders who’s taken our Company’s fees and had never delivered a/o transfer the funds to our company’s account as estipulated; we need advanced information on how to pursuit and prosecute this lenders […]

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