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Pat Robertson fraud with diamonds, the dictator, and planes for the poor!?

As widely reported across the internet a few years ago what do you think about Pat Robertson and the Zaire Dictator Mobutu Seko(a murderous thug) diamond connection? Pat Robertson began begging for donations for 3 new planes to benefit Operation Blessing in 1994 for humanitarian assistance in Africa. Specifically to remove refugees and provide medical […]


How to get a lien release for my car when the dealership committed fraud and filed for bankruptcy protection?

First, I apologize for the length of this description, but I assure you it is extremely unique situation. I purchased a car in November 2009 from a smaller local (but reputable) import dealership in Minnesota, where I live. I traded in my vehicle and financed through a credit union. My paperwork from the dealership clearly […]


Is this correct – 24 large corporate lenders under FBI Investigation?

Just in from Yahoo News: "Two law enforcement officials said Tuesday the FBI is looking at potential fraud by mortgage finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., and insurer American International Group Inc." …Just last week, FBI Director Robert Mueller put the number of large financial firms under investigation at 24. […]


How about these actions for the oil companies:government takeover, criminal charges of ceo's, suspend trading?

Here’s some answers for the oil companies’ greed and arrogance: threat of government takeover, criminal investigation for price manipulation and fraud, suspend stock and futures trading. For oil companies in foreign companies: trade embargo. These oil companies are gouging the public and the hard working, middle class is suffering. The politicians are either afraid or […]

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