Obama is using the justice department to stifle free speech?

Is Obama using the Justice Department to stifle free spech? Senator Obama and his minions are getting more creative in the way they are fighting free speech. Now they are using the Justice Department. The Justice Department’s Civil Rights Section, where many of the top officials are Obama contributors, has suggested criminal prosecutions against those […]


18 months ago Bush said “As the Iraqi Army steps up, we will step down”?

It only takes 10 weeks to put a recruit through basic training. It’s been 18 MONTHS and still no Iraqi Army is stepping up. It’s time to call Bush’s fraud and begin criminal prosecutions into the Bush mismanagement of this war which has cause America it’s SECURITY!!!!!!!!! and any con who 1) attacks me 2) […]


How safe do you feel knowing illegal aliens are getting valid identity documents confer all the rights of US?

ICE arrests six illegal aliens in continuation of document fraud case Arrests are related to criminal prosecutions for illegal use of Puerto Rican ID Georgetown, Delaware – Late Monday afternoon special agents from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 6 illegal aliens residing in the Sussex County area as part of a continuing document fraud […]

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