Family Law:how to help a friend who has been told they will have to pay back medicaid for child's care?

Okay, I have a friend whose ex wife receives medicaid for their child, since they are separated he is paying all of her bills, she didn’t report that, she’s working 2 jobs but only reported one and she has been getting public assistance. Medicaid called him and said because they are separated he would have […]


Questions about child custody…..?

I’m nervous because my brother is going to court in a week and is suing for full custody of his children and we reside in a state that is known for having a sexist bias that favors mothers, New York State. So, I’m wondering if people who have been through custody disputes can shed some […]


SSI disability fraud; She is not disabled, but found a way to work the system. What to do?

My hubbys ex has worked for four years to prove to a medical doc that she is disabled. And they have deemed her permanantly disabled. Because of this we, my hubby and I, are required to pay her a very high amount in child support, even though it is a 50/50 custody arrangement. We have […]

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