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Why are felons not allowed to work at almost any Business?

Personally i know that most jobs have a natural respect to keep felons out depending on the type of crimes, like a person charged with Fraud or Money Laundering couldnt work at a bank or a Sex Offender work at a daycare or school, but other offenders could do other jobs and hell even Sex […]


Punishment for Child Care Services Fraud?

I know someone who is currently under investigation for child care services fraud. Which, in my opinion, she should be. What is the punishment for this? She is living a high class lifestyle, brand new home built, driving new cars, inground pool and spa put in. She receives nearly 0/mo in child support along with […]


Can I go to jail in texas for interference with child custody?

Hi, me and my ex have custody papers, and we broke up when my son was 8 months old and the father barely exercised his rights, now that our son is 3 and a half, he started having something to do with him when he just turned 3 and he was doing it on a […]


If they cracked down on welfare fraud would you be more willing to help poor people out?

Like people who are collecting in more then one state. People that use the ER as their personal doctors. People who are not sick but call ambulances to get a ride to the city to visit friends. People who live in upper class neighborhoods but lie to get free medical care and free daycare for […]

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