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Why are US lawyers running crime rings?

(Can’t US judges do it alone?) "NEW YORK – Two men convicted of leading a 0 million mortgage fraud were sentenced Tuesday to prison in a scheme that amassed a cast of corrupt mortgage brokers and lawyers to dupe sellers and buyers and pocket money that banks lent people to buy real estate." @The […]


Are We Heading for another recession?

U.S. Downgrade Slams Stocks Worldwide- Breakout Stocks are getting slammed, reportedly in response to Standard & Poor’s downgrade of the U.S. credit rating from AAA to AA+. But S&P’s downgrade isn’t the only culprit. Welcome to the new world disorder- The Daily Ticker U.S. debt remains ‘gold standard’- WSJ AIG sues BofA for billion alleging […]


Why is paternity fraud STILL legal? It has been 100% "ok" (and even encouraged) for over a decade now. How is it not a blatant miscarriage of justice and an abuse of ethics? What could possibly be in the souls of those who argue paternity fraud can be a ‘good’ thing and should be practiced in ANY way shape or […]


How to report someone for lawsuit fraud/scam?

A close family "friend" is suing an elevator company and property management company for a building that she CLAIMS to have fallen in the elevator. I KNOW this is a lie and so does everyone else in her "inner circle". She has had back problems for over a decade and KEEPS suing people by using […]


What's the problem with people who are constantly complaining about "lazy bums" on welfare?

I know this has long been a pet GOP crusade and vote-snaring tactic, but have they been asleep for over a decade? We had Welfare Reform in the 1990’s. Welfare is a very small part of the Federal Budget. A muich bigger part of the Federal Budget is CORPORATE Welfare. They don’t have a single […]


what do you think about identity theft?

Identity theft has proliferated in the past decade. Why do you think this is so? What steps would you take to protect against identity theft?


Political question about Obama appointee and GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt?

Should a man that leads a company involved in accounting fraud be a member of Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board or a class B director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York? Since 2001, the company kept its decade-long earnings streak going through manipulations, SEC alleges. General Electric agreed to pay a million fine […]


Is Word Vision a Scam Fraud?

Ethiopia – The Endless Famine Reporter: Andrew Geoghega, shown on ABC TV Australia in Foreign Correspondent on Saturday, 29 Nov 2008, 01.00pm EST. In order to put a human face on this tragedy Africa Correspondent Andrew Geoghegan travels to Ethiopia to meet 14-year-old Tsayhnesh Degalo. He’s sponsored her for most of the past decade through […]


What will McCain and Obama do about corporate fraud and abuse?

Oh wait, n/m about McCain, he supports the Enron Loophole, aka Futures Commodity Modernization Act. So never mind him, what will Obama do about corporate fraud and abuse? I don’t support Obama or McCain. And even assuming you are right regaurding this supposed legislation to asserted without a source, this legislation has been in […]

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