My boyfriend's mom wants him to get involved with insurance fraud…?

He was kicked out in February and has not spoken to her since. He has heard from his family that she received a pink slip at work, lost her house, and will be staying at his grandma’s. She left him a voicemail yesterday saying that her house was broken into and that she would need […]


Family Law:how to help a friend who has been told they will have to pay back medicaid for child's care?

Okay, I have a friend whose ex wife receives medicaid for their child, since they are separated he is paying all of her bills, she didn’t report that, she’s working 2 jobs but only reported one and she has been getting public assistance. Medicaid called him and said because they are separated he would have […]


what can u do when you are in a civil case and the judge hearing your case refuses to apply the applicable law

I’m in a civil case in California and the judge hearing my case refuses to to apply the law. One statue applicable to my case states that a spouse may no sale the family residence without the written consent of the other spouse. There are many other statues that say basically the same thing.There are […]

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