Will child get social security in arrears?

I have a 13 year old child. Her father (who has never been involved in her life) does not pay child support b/c the state determined he has "too many children" (9 total) and only some of them qualified for payments (not my child though, even though she’s the oldest of them). I recently found […]


Have you noticed this about the national news outlets?

What news they deem worthy of national attention depending on demographics. This is how they have boxed it. Jews — Financial fraud, and sex scandals Hispanics – illegal immigration, and drug cartels Italians – Cosa nostra murders, and fugitives Muslim – Terrorism, and armed rebellions Black – Gang violence, and murder Homosexuals – Gay pride […]


How do you formally report Identity theft?

I know of someone that had recently released some of his demographics to a Loan Shark overseas in UK…any suggestions I could pass on to that person about what he needs to do protect his demographics? Thanks!

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