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Do hard working U.S. Americans enjoying being ripped off by fraudsters and other crooks?

For example why would any sane person enjoy being ripped off on investments people put into derivatives sold, traded and by wall street brokers? My point is having regulations on derivaties to prevent and stop fraud is opposed by conservatives including both the republican and libertarian politicians – why is that? Could it be […]


Does the reason for a personal loan matter?

I just got approved for a personal uncollateralized loan (This is NOT a small business loan or a car loan) and the reason I gave them for why I was taking out the loan is completely resolved so I no longer need the money for that. However, I would still like to take out the […]


Is it true that the entire financial crisis was caused by ACORN and the Community Reinvestment Act?

If not, what were the causes? I mean, personally, to be honest, I think the roots of the crisis go way deeper than just the CRA. We also have Gramm-Leach-Bliley in 1999. We had the refusal by the SEC to regulate derivatives in 2001 and later. We had a whole atmosphere of "deregulation" that led […]


What valid reason exists of why derivatives should not be regulated like stocks are to prevent fraud?

As much as I try to rack my brain, I can’t wrap my mind around why there would be a valid reason to stop or prevent regulations against fraud for derivatives. Maybe someone might be able to explain why fraud should not be stopped? I ask because derivatives contributed heavily to this last economic disaster […]


What is the tea party's position on regulating derivatives against fraud?

Since it was not allowing derivatives to be regulated against fraud and out of control speclation that caused this last financial crisis besides high gas prices due to the wars – at the very least, what is the tea party’s position about regulating against fraud? Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan fought against regulating derivatives against […]


Politically speaking, who is more productive to society the wealthy man who does this or does that…?

Politically (and morally) speaking, who is more productive to society the wealthy man who does this or does that as in from these examples? Who is more productive to society the wealthy man who – American Wealthy Man 1) Pays his workers decent wages and salaries to the point where his workers will be able […]


Healthcare: Why does Obama insist on “get it done now”, before the end of the year?

Most of it, of course, will not even take effect for several years — until after the next presidential election. Who really believes that a radical restructuring of one-sixth of the nation’s economy — by adding requirements, demands, mandates, and other costs — is going to pull us out of a recession? Or that adding […]

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