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Is it fraud if someone purposefully used your mailing address as their own without permission?

The person who did this gave our family trouble before, two years ago he wanted to go out with sister, she said no, so he phoned social services on her and said she was a bad mother… Long story, but yeah, there’s some bad blood between us. Today, some of his mail, possibly containing a […]


im a victim of check fraud what can i do?

i recieved a check from company for secret shopper opportunity. The check was for 4,995.00, the money split up into different places one a money gram, a selection of stores, and 300.00 to me for doing the task. i thought it was a little fishy so i googled it and websites checked out okay. i […]


Social Security Disability Fraud people are going to my neighbors homes?

I was forced to "retire" from the postal service after over 10 years due to several medical conditions. When you apply for Fed. Disabilty, you must apply for SSDI, which picked me up in 4 months. To the point- Out of the 4 conditions noted, none are physically obvious. One of my doctors told me […]


my family is possibly committing fraud?

I cannot figure out what is going on. this family member is getting fairly large ,500.00 delivered to her via UPS truck and it has something to do with the internet. she has no web-cam. i wondered if it may be porn..but without a cam, i guess not. what in the world could this […]

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