Can I Sue For Fraud and Identity Theft?

Basically, someone used my identity (social security number) and opened an Verizon Wireless account and had 5 lines opened in my name. The person claims that Direct TV cable and Verizon Wireless phones has an agreement with each other (yeah makes a lot of sense, right?) so I told him to show me proof and […]


How to sue an ex for credit card fraud?

I found out last November that an ex boyfriend had opened 4 accounts in my name-three credit cards and one for Direct TV. After months of phone calls and faxes to these companies I have finally received confirmation that I will not be held responsible for the fines (over 6 Grand total), and that the […]


I have two identity theft accounts and they have become collection accounts. How can I remove them?

I have two identity theft accounts. Someone use my social security number to apply for SBC and Direct TV. I never receive bills from them. When I found out about these accounts, they already shown as collection on my credit report. These have negative effect on my credit. I called up the collection agency for […]

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