Could someone please read and review my GCSE English exam work please?

I’m just a little worried that it wouldn’t be considered a story but instead more like a monologue. If anyone could give me any tips to improve it, it would be very much appreciated. __________________________________________________________ I have always tried my best to fit in. I prided myself on my ability to adapt. I could be […]


Did anyone hear about the republican voter registration chief being arrested?

This is only a part of the article, you can see the entire article by clicking on the link i have provided below. I found this on fox news and they are completely for republicans but even they could not hide this story. All of the investigations they have been doing on acorn and right […]


Clinton Fraud Trial?

Will the present ongoing fraud trial against the clintons be a distraction to hillary? The suit by Peter F Paul against the clintons – Bill Clinton accoring to the complaint, promised to promote Paul’s Internet entertainment company, Stan Lee Media, in exchange for stock, cash options and massive contributions to his wife’s 2000 Senate campaign. […]

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