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The police say he cant press charges for kidnapping cause the dad had a doctors note.?

It was a psyc doctor who now 2 years later lost his license for multiple counts for fraud but he forgot to tell the police that. The dad told his lies and the doctor kidnapped him with his medical BS what can he do? He was never examined not even once. A father told a […]


is this fraud enlistment?

if i modify my medical records and give them to my new doctor and he doesnt have any records of me being treated after 13 for asthma and i have him send in those records for a waiver and it is granted can i get in trouble even though i never lied to the military […]


Stop!! Ever hear of still another kind of 'welfare' fraud? Meaning BIG time? Some not even caught yet?

Just the other night saw still another example of a doctor who cheated Medicare to the tune of hundreds of millions. And we haven’t even reached the tip of the Iceberg. (I’m a taxpayer. Would much rather pay taxes to help some woman with three kids whose deadbeat husband left her and the kids, than […]


why is it wrong to report someone who ADMITS fraud?

i asked a question about reporting someone who ADMITTED he is committing fraud to get SSDI…and the evidence shows he is not joking yet most of teh repsonsers (about 4) jumped on me for not minding my own business and making assumptions that this guy isn’t really eligble….’ it is just as muich every citizens […]


medical certificate for travel insurance?

hi please suggest i recently made a international trip and had to prepond my trip because of some medical problems…. before leaving back, i had to see a doctor (whose is actually a specialist,different than what my problem was)……. now when i submitted the doctor forms to the insurance company, they are saying, how can […]


under investigation for social security fraud they sent me to their doctor again what are the chances of losin?

was reported several times for fraud waste and abuse, I also never told them I was denied workerscomp for being addicted to narcaodicts. I work under the table and dont report the earnings. I did it to get out of payimg chid support. I was called into their doctors last year for a reevaluation I […]


how do i report a doctor for insurance scam/fraud?

currently we work for a doctor who is clearly defrauding insurance companies, and especially the medicare system. what do i do to protect myself and how do i report her? should i just keep quiet, my husband thinks its unethical of her.

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