is it worth getting this 1995 Del sol for 5000 dollars?

Well, I’m looking for a car to buy and i found this car: 1995 Del Sol with auto transmission It does have a vtech engine so im pretty sure it is si version because when i was doing research base S version didn’t have vtech and the VTECH version didn’t offer automatic transmission It has […]


A hypothetical question about insurance fraud?

I’m doing research for a short story. I need some real law facts. Hypothetically speaking, say a person endorses an insurance check under her name but it was made out to a person who died. Say she uses that check for the purposes the dead person would have used it. And say that one other […]


Any of you guys a lawyer?

I am a medical student and also doing research within the university on mitochondrial ageing. I also have a small lab in the basement of my house. Sometimes I get samples of chemicals and tubes, etc. because I tell them that I am medical student but when they ask me for the address of the […]

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