In Washington State is it fraud if a married woman uses her maiden name to get Section 8 and food stamps.?

I know a lady who was married and had 4 children by two different men. Her older children by one man and her younger children by her ex-husband. On all four birth certificates she claimed that she had no idea who either of the fathers of the children were in spite of the fact that […]


Why don’t they throw all the mortgage brokers who falsified documents in jail?

I know of so many mortgage brokers who falsified client documents so they could qualify for homes they without a doubt, couldn’t afford. This is why our economy is tanking and honest, hard working people have to pay the price? Why don’t they throw these mortgage brokers who falsified documents in jail? Or at the […]


Why are women allowed to commit fraud?

and say that someone is the father of their child, then if it is found out that it is not his, she does no time for fraud or attempted fraud. She just tried to extort him for 18 years of child support and nothing happens to her… Sound fair? Not impossible to prove. She told […]

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