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I’ve been here before but here is the deal… My aunt Donna provided me her credit card number over a text message to buy some new DJ equipment which was like 00 maybe? With that amount she said I could pay a month.. Well I used her credit card which there was a total of […]


I need help with financial fraud.?

My fiance purchased a tanning package from a local company. This company said they MUST have a card number or account number on file as they ONLY take EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) payments. Recently, they took out a charge of .96 the day after I made a payment of .00 to them because they said […]


My lawyer gave me a deadline to plea or trial, is it a true dead line?

2-counts of Automobile insurance fraud -2 counts felony 2 counts-attempt larceny over 0 2 Conspiracy to commit a crime THese are my charges. … in superior court.. 1. I was given 3 years probation, 1,000 fine, 200 community service and a felony on my record. 2. I told my lawyer to tell the DA , […]


My court apointed lawyer, ( head of Court appointed) told me to Plea Guilty?

1. there are recordings, that the DA has that i told my gf to get a lawyer before going to the police station to give a report. 2. She also recorded me as i said, " ur gona let cops scare you, u are a strong woman" . 3. WEll i have witneses against me […]


my former insurance company called and they reported insurance fraud on me. they canceled me after a late pay

can they do this or is this just a threat from a debt collector? i mailed my payment but it did not show up and they canceled me 10 days after the due date


Does the day I activate my credit card affect my due date?

I have had a Discover Card for many years and have recently received a new set of cards with a new account number because of an account breach. If I want to keep a similar statement closing date and payment due date should I activate the new cards at a specific date during the month?

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