Should I report a company providing legal advice when the employees of the company do not have a law license?

I was formerly employed by a company that provides immigration services and counseling to individuals and companies looking to hire foreign nationals and/or immigrate to the U.S.. While there, it was common practice for non-licensed employees to answer a client’s legal questions and submit legal documents to the government. Furthermore, there were only a handful […]


Federal Lawsuits for Fraud: Could this be the End of For-Profit Colleges?

Or at least the beginning of the end? The federal government yesterday (August 8) sued the parent company of four for-profit colleges for fraud: Art Institute Argosy University Brown Mackie College South University "’The depth and breadth of the fraud laid out in the complaint are astonishing,’ said Harry Litman, a lawyer in Pittsburgh and […]


When CEO’s commit fraud?

When the CEO of a publicly traded company commits a crime that financially benefits their company, who is held responsible, the CEO as an individual or the entire company itself? In the case I’m thinking of the CEO left the company as soon as the accusations were made and hired a lawyer. The stock of […]

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