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victim of credit report fraud?

I need some help. I’m 22 years old. Three years ago Experian put over 0,000 in debt, that did not belong to me, onto my credit report, the debt belonged to somebody with a similar name who lived in the same town as me. Needless to say my credit limit on my credit card got […]


Identity theft: They changed my address on my credit report?

Now I cannot dispute it online and Experian only accepts online disputes. How do I dispute it another way so that Experian’s online system does not forbid me from disputing it. I sent out hard copy letters to Equifax and Transunion, but Experian does not accept mail correspondence. How do I change my address back […]


I can't access my credit report thru Equifax!?

I’ve been trying to access my credit report through Equifax, but each time I try online it won’t let me, so I tried mailing in which didn’t work either. A friend of mine who works as a broker managed to pull a copy of the 3 combined which had a load of misinformation on it […]


Social Security Number Fraud ?

Hello all, I recently figured out that my SSN has been compromised. I believe one of my close friends performed this act of fraud through my Drivers License and my Old Canceled Debit Card. I didn’t run a credit check because it won’t let me perform it. To the point I got thus far on […]

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