Am I a victim of identity theft?

I am attempting to get a credit report from Experian but they are asking questions that definitely are not related to me or my credit history, such as "You took out a home loan in 2004, who was the credit agency that supplied it?" Answering these questions incorrectly causes denial of my credit report therefore […]


Identity theft: They changed my address on my credit report?

Now I cannot dispute it online and Experian only accepts online disputes. How do I dispute it another way so that Experian’s online system does not forbid me from disputing it. I sent out hard copy letters to Equifax and Transunion, but Experian does not accept mail correspondence. How do I change my address back […]


Can my husband have me arrested for fraud?

Ok, here’s the situation… My husband and I have been having problems for quite sometime and he is the sole bread winner. I told him that I will not leave with "nothing" as I contributed and worked during the marriage. He told me that instead of getting lawyers involved ( he feels THEY will get […]

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