Creative ways to get rid of door knocking Jehovah witnesses?

I need something creative and legal. They knock on my door, and I try and tell them Jehovah is my cousin and I know him. He ain’t all they cracking him up to be. Jehovah isn’t jesus, they just look a like. jesus tried to get him for fraud, but our lawyer hasn’t gotten back […]


Can i put "Fraud" on "Wall Street" sign?

I was wonder that I will get in trouble if I cover WALL with "Fraud" on WALL that could be "Fraud Street"….will I getting arrest for cover "WALL"? I am just very pissed off at Wall Street for begin with smile their faces with lot of money they made off us and dump us to […]


Are the UKIP Just as corrupt as the mainstream parties?

In todays Guardian, Polly Toynbee states that: "Nigel Farage admits legally drawin £2m in EU expenses and employing his wife, while one of his MEPs was jailed for benefit fraud and another faces prosecution for laundering money and false accounting on his EU expenses" EDIT: Just found out that the two disgraced UKIP MEPs are […]

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