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Can identity theft be impossible to fix if you wait too long?

I keep telling my sister to get a credit report, but she won’t. If she waits to long and discovers someone may be using her numbre, will it be impossible to fix? My dad filled out the fafsa on a computer with some malware, and I’m afraid her number might have gotten stolen. She has […]


Am I overworrying about identity theft?

I typed my SSN in my fafsa about 8 months ago on a computer with a lot of malware/spyware. Now I’m scared that there may be hundreds of people with my SSN and they are all going to steal my identity. I already got my credit report and will get another one about 4 months […]


Will the government come after me?

I’m extremely worried and paranoid. It’s my first semester at a community college. I applied for financial aid and at the time my mother and her husband (not my real dad) seperated. It was going to be a legal divorce but they’ve workout the issues and might get back together soon. They never took this […]


How can you stop a confidence man who knowingly defrauded US Dept. of Ed, almost 40K, moving to Philippines?

I unoffficially represented a former friend who has defrauded the U.S. FAFSA Department of Education of K of student loans and other debt, moving to the Philippines and now is committing corporate fraud on public documents submitted to the Philippine and Hong Kong stock exchanges. I have attempted to contact the Philippine government without success […]

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