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Does NCAA overlook age fraud because they are so corrupted?

There is this guy from another country that came with a fake passport were he claims to be 10 years younger than his real age, so he could play basketball for a D1 school here in the US. I was just wondering how NCAA couldn’t figure that out. I know other really good players that […]


HELP need some advice for case of international fraud?

So a friend of mines and his associates from China ordered around 750k worth of luxury cars from this dealership called 888 auto in California. This was around 3 months ago and they never received their vehicle which was to be headed for Tianjin port. They have tried to contact this person many times but […]


Man's right to know, Why paternity fraud is so tolerated in the west ?

According to "Criminology" book by Freda Adler Fraud is the acquisition (gaining) of the property of another person through CHEATING or deception. So if a woman cheated on a man and get his money in order to support a baby who is not his, why she do not go to jail for that crime ? […]


Are activists & Mexicans on standby to protest Postville immigration raid 83 alleged child labor violations?

Two top officials of Agriprocessors Inc. were sentenced to prison Wednesday for their roles in the immigration and bank fraud scandal at the eastern Iowa meat plant. Mitch Meltzer, 50, of Postville was sentenced to 41-months in prison after his conviction on a federal conspiracy charge. Meltzer, the plant’s former head accountant, admitted that he […]


I need to sue somebody for fraud car sale?

Anybody knows how to file a lawsuit. I need to sue somebody for breach of contract, Check with no funds and fake documents. I tried to contact a lawyer but their fees are out of my budget. Here`s my story: I bought a car from a private party when I went to register the car […]


Is having good relations with illegals worth all these consequences?

The Utah Highway Patrol, Utah Attorney General and numerous other senior law enforcement officials throughout Utah are determined to maintain good relations with Utah’s rapidly growing illegal alien community. This may be good for the illegal aliens, but it is bad for Utah citizens because illegal immigration and identity theft go hand-in-hand. According to a […]

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